Epson LQ-690 24 Pin Dot Matrix Printer
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  • Quality - The 106 column capacity with 24 pins means greater quality
  • Speedy - Impressive print speed of 529 cps
  • Productive - Big memory buffer of 128 KB and builtin Print Speed Enhancer ensures faster printing of bit image data
  • Reliable - Combined power of print head life and MTBF of 20,000 hours
  • Energy efficient - Low power consumption so better for environment
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Epson LQ-690 Printer

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Product description

The Epson LQ-690 offers the best in dot matrix performance where it matters most: speed, reliability, ribbon yield and user-friendliness. The LQ-690 is also versatile, handling cut sheets, continuous paper, labels, envelopes and cards. Its compact and user-friendly design makes it flexible enough to meet demanding space and application requirements. The LQ-690 is fast and effective with print speeds of up to 529 cps (12 cpi), higher throughput speed and the ability to handle different media. Print Speed Enhancer increases the speed of bit image printing and resident fonts in letter quality mode, making the LQ-690 the ideal solution for those who demand higher productivity from their dot matrix printer. PSE is a unique feature which allows fast printing of bit image data and printer resident fonts in letter quality mode. With a slight reduction in resolution, the speed is increased significantly. Ideal for those printing directly from windows applications, MS Word, MS Power point, MS Excel and PDF . At 10 million characters per ribbon, the LQ-690 has the highest ribbon yield in the flatbed segment. The benefits are long ribbon replacement cycles, low running cost and lower total cost of ownership.

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